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Welcome to Our Agent Recruitment Page - Why Join RE/MAX Empire?

We're in the Business of Supporting YOU.


Our Brokerage is Powered by Rathore Baig Professional Corporation - Our in-house Real Estate Lawyers. We've brought in the best of the best in Real Estate Law to ensure that our Realtors® have the resources they need to be able to service their clients.


πŸ†Between 2016 - 2019, our in-house lawyers closed over 1,000 transactions!


Currently working at a Real Estate Brokerage? Tired of the same training week after week designed for new Realtors®? At RE/MAX Empire we understand that our Team Members need ongoing training and development to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to service their Clients in a Competitive and dynamic marketplace. And we're committed to delivering the best of the best when it comes to training and development. Our Training is weekly and is Mandatory. 


πŸ†We're home to TWO of the TOP 30 under 30 - 2018 - RE/MAX!


Most Brokerages have it backwards. The Brokerage is in the BUSINESS of servicing its OWN Realtors® who then in-turn service the Buyers and Sellers that the Brokerage is contracted with. Our Realtors® are our Business Partners. And we're in the business of ensuring that our Team Members have what they need, when they need it so that they can provide an unparalleled service to the Clients that they deal with on a day-to-day basis


Real Estate - It isn't an easy Business 

We Know Real Estate. 


So do Most Real Estate Professionals.

Heard about the infamous 80/20 rule?


The saying is that 80% of the Transactions in Real Estate are closed by 20% of Salespersons/Brokers. 


This means that of the 50,000+ Realtors® registered with TREB, approximately 8,000 Realtors® end up closing most of the transactions. And then you have many Registrants who end up completing less than 3 transactions per year. And there's any number of reasons under the sun for this sort of production. But we firmly believe that is an accountability problem coupled with lack of training and development. Most Agents we've talked to are either afraid of making mistakes, lack confidence, don't have the right tools to generate business, or simply lack the persistence required to succeed in Real Estate - which is why Coaches are making a lot of money especially recently.


The reality is, that with the right Brokerage, a full-time and successful career in Real Estate becomes a reality. 



BUT Entrepreneurs thrive in Markets like this one.

As a Brokerage, we hire New Registrants as well as Transfers from other Brokerages. Why are people transferring to our Brokerage? Because Leadership Matters - and our Brokerage is run by Leaders, Visionaries, and Entrepreneurs. 


When markets turn and properties don't sell with tens of multiple offers, Sellers arguably become conservative and look for 2 things: 


1) Experience; and 

2) Reputable Brands 


In tough markets when many non-producing Registrants are either thinking about leaving the business or "parking" their Licence, experienced and branded Realtors® arguably do even better.


This is because Consumer confidence diverts from "I can hire anyone or list my property for a flat fee because my property will sell itself" to "I need to hire the best and most experienced Realtor® backed by a recognised brand to protect my interests and ensure I get the most out of the Transaction". 


We take pride in ensuring that our Realtors® have relevant and timely training designed to help them understand and deal with the dynamic marketplace, understand the entire transaction, the contracts, and the processes that lead to success.  


Coupled with our hands-on approach, the ultra-premium services provided to our Agents, and being backed by the BEST of the BEST when it comes to brands, we're created an environment which fosters success - WE ARE RE/MAX! 


Our Agents are prepared when Most Agents aren't.


It's an ongoing battle in Real Estate requiring short-term and long-term vision.

At RE/MAX Empire Realty, we appreciate that if you aren't prepared for the uphill battle that a Real Estate career can be,  you're more than likely setting yourself up for failure. And a big part of being prepared is having the right tools, Training and Development, Leadership, Team, and support in place to help you do what you're supposed to do - Sell Real Estate.


The trend today is to have Brokerages do less and less as the Brokerage Business (for most Brokerages) has become a numbers game. But we believe that a small team of highly skilled Registrants is more effective than 100 Registrants who don't know the difference between the Confirmation of Acceptance and the Acknowledgement in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.


At RE/MAX Empire, Our Realtors® are our Business Partners. In fact, we're so confident in what we do that we've structured out comp plans around our Team's Success. If our Agents aren't making money, neither are we. We firmly believe that non-producing Agents are a product of bad leadership. Which is why Leadership Matters. 


Like New Recruits who aspire to become decorated Veterans, Realtors® must to put in the work and commit to a regimented boot camp. And at RE/MAX Empire, we've brought in the best of the best to ensure that our Teams operate like members of the Special Forces. We provide the complete arsenal of training, development, strategy, and support required to foster success. And on top of what we provide, we're backed by the BEST of brands - RE/MAX. 


Because you can't leave success to chance. 

ASK RE/MAX Chat App Generated Over 8,500 Leads Generated (October 2017-December 2017! 

With thousands of courses and designations offered, RE/MAX University is truly a portal to incredible Development. 

RE/MAX Provides the BEST of the BEST when it comes to support. And Design Centre is an INCREDIBLE tool. Create Literally anything you can think of including branded and tailor-made YouTube Videos, Custom Listing Websites, Flyers, Door Hangers, Blogs, News Letters, Digital Presentations, Brochures and much much more within minutes. The cost savings are unimaginable as most agents no longer need print designers or web designers when to create content for social media, listings, etc. You get FULL control!  

With over 1100 Real Estate Closings in 2016-19, we're proud to say that we're powered by Rathore Baig Professional Corporation - a Real Estate Law Office. Not many Brokerages can say that they've got in-house legal. But we understand the changing market and know that Client's want headache-free, hassle-free transactions. And our Partnership with Rathore & Baig helps us secure an unparalleled advantage. 

Mostrar Mais

LEADSTREET Generated Over 1.1 MILLION Leads in 2016! 

You Can't Fight Facts! RE/MAX   Agents  Thrive! 

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Our Agents are Real Estate Rock Stars! 

Because in today's marketplace, if you're Out of sight, you're Our of Mind.


You're a ROCKSTAR and we're going to make sure your Clients know!

Each of our Agents gets a fully customised Magazine as a Featured Professional and 2-page spread in our Branded Buyer and Seller Guides. We're committed to making you look like a ROCKSTAR when it comes to your Business! 


Why? Because we invest in our Agents. And it's the little things that make a BIG difference. 


Our Buyer and Seller guides are chalked FULL of information for Buyers and Sellers written by Lawyers, Brokers, Mortgage Agents, Home Inspectors, Photographers etc. 


Our Agents are equipped with the tools they need to get the deal signed, sealed, and delivered.


Going to a listing presentation? We've got virtual reality goggles for you to take with you. Coupled with the magazine, a Team member, goggles, a rock-solid listing presentation, the confidence of a champion, and unparalleled brand - you're sure to get the listing. 


Unparalleled Exposure  - 97.5 MILLION HITS IN 2016! 

Being backed by RE/MAX means that you'll have the small things that make a HUGE difference as soon as you register! 


If your Prospects search for you online and don't find you, you're a "Secret Agent". And although that may sound cool, Secret Agents don't make much money in Real Estate. 


Today, if you're out of sight, you're out of mind. And so, we're committed to ensuring that your online game is on-point! 


Every Thursday between 6pm-7:30pm we host weekly mandatory meetings. You don't show up - you're fired. 


We believe that our Team is as strong as its weakest link. And so we take things really serious around here. Because we hand-pick our Agents, we know that we're adding value to our Team and not taking away from it. We don't want 100 Agents. We know that we can do the work of 500 Agents with a solid team of 50. Which is why we put such an emphasis on training and development. 


We bring in the best-of-the-best in all things Real Estate. Whether it be Home Inspectors, Mortgage Agents, Lawyers, etc., each session is designed to help you tackle marketplace hurdles so that you're prepared for anything.


Our Broker of Record & Real Estate Lawyer Ricky Rathore, BComm., LL.B. (hons., ABR, SRS, FRI is a Leader, Entrepreneur, and Visionary - He's literally a Real Estate NUT. 


We think he's crazy - but in all the right ways. We firmly believe that a Team is as strong as it's Leader, and our Leader is a Rock Star. 


Having closed over 730 Transactions in 2016/2017*, he knows the market, he's boots on the ground, and he's invaluable as a resource for our Agents! 


*80 Ends as a Broker and over 650 Closings as a Co-Lawyer - 2016/17

Offering you the Best Real Estate Brokerage  Services

Unparalleled Support, Unparalleled Splits, Unparalleled Agents. 

As an Ultra-Premium Elite Real Estate Brokerage, we:


  1. Draft offers; 

  2. List properties;

  3. Book appointments etc. 


We do this so that you can focus on what matters the most -  Facilitating Real Estate Transactions and serving your Client's wants and needs and providing a service bar-none. 


Our State of the Art Facility is open 24/7 with easy access via fingerprint Reader. We maintain Full-Service Business Hours and have contracted with leading After-Hours Services to ensure that you look like a Rockstar 24/7/365! 

We've got a Commission plan for Everyone.


Ultra-Premium Services don't cost an ultra-premium in Today's marketplace.


We're created Partnerships and Efficiencies which allow us to do more for less. This enables our Brokerage to be able to provide and maintain an unparalleled service without driving up insane costs.  

We're 24/7/365. Literally. You'll always have a Lawyer or the Broker of Record standing by your side 24/7/365. 



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